Small business consulting services

How can my small business benefit from business consulting services

It’s a general misconception amongst small business owners that a business consulting services, even those targeting small businesses may not benefit them. This is often a result of their presumed cost-benefit comparison, which may not be deemed favourable as the cost of hiring a consultant to help them with direction mapping and mentor-ship to allow them significantly grow their business is often perceived as excessive and outweighing the potential benefit.

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George Osborne’s 2014 budget

Budget 2014

George Osborne’s Budget 2014

George Osborne’s 2014 budget would have been lauded for some relevance if the budget had contained such things as providing economic boost in the right sectors to aid job creation, an increase in manufacturing and a well thought out plan and meaningful investment in housing and other public infrastructure.

However, it didn’t do any of these – no mention of these and not even a slight hint to suggest a move in those directions.

The entire budget resembles nothing but a political strategy particularly as the election date looms

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