Centralised customer relationship management

Harnessing the power of CRM in process improvement

Proprietary CRM applications are often very costly and out of the reach of small businesses. However, there are free and open-source alternatives that are more than capable of giving the proprietary software a good run for their money.

From our experience deploying open-source applications like SugarCRM and SuiteCRM for clients, we’ve seen how businesses can benefit from a simple adobtion of a CRM system, making it possible for them to create robust, scalable enterprise level processes. The beauty of this is that, unlike the proprietary software, there is no licence fee to pay and their usage are completely free of any charge.

CRMs are designed to aid businesses in managing their customer information, interactions, providing customer support, managing partner/ vendor relationships, projects, document management, etc.

We are in the era of ‘customer is king’ and as such, adopting a customer-focused approach is crucial to the design of any business processes that are guaranteed to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

When we are advising any business that has yet to implement some sort of electronic centralised customer relationship management system,  we suggest that a that they do the following

  • Take time out to discover the value of a CRM and what potential benefits it could bring to their business operation.
  • Once they can see the benefit, the next step will be to plan the right strategy for adopting one.
  • Plan the implementation process or work with a trusted consultant to ensure effective implementation process.

If you think your business would benefit from implementing a free and open source CRM application and you require help and choosing and deploying one, contact us to enquire about crm consulting services.


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